Armor, Weapon and Enemy Creators Complete!!

I have created three window tools that will be used during the development process of Empyreum Ascension : Armor, Weapon and Enemy Creators.

Armor Creator

Designers will have the ability to create any type of armor they desire for either enemies or playable characters. Each armor will have its own name, defense points and armor design (not yet confirmed for game)

Armor Creator Tool
Armor Creator Tool

Weapon Creator

With this tool, designers will have the ability to create and customize any existing weapons. Not only they will be able to change the name , model or damage but also play around with other values such as accuracy, noise,etc.

Weapon Creator Tool
Weapon Creator Tool

Enemy Creator

The enemy creator tool was the biggest and most complex tool that I have made for the game. The designers will have the ability to create any enemies from preset modules. The tool will be used as follows:

1. Assigning a Def/preset

An existing preset needs to be assign to begin! The tool will only take presets that are EntityData types.


2. Enemy Customization

When a preset has been given the tool will show the enemy attributes. These can be changed by the user. After all the customizable fields, there are three buttons.

  • Add To Group : Adds an enemy with the current attributes to the enemy group.
  • Save As New Preset: Creates a new preset with an EntityData script that contains the changed attributes. However, the designer must provide a model in order to save a new prefab, otherwise there will be an alert that will ask him to do so in order to proceed.
  • Reset Values: It will reset all fields to the values of the assigned preset.
Enemy Customization
Enemy Customization

3. Group Overview

As soon as one of the preset enemies is added to the group. The Group overview display appears. This shows all enemies that have been added to the group. Beside each enemy name there’s a Remove From Group button that allows the user to remove any enemies they don’t want in the group anymore.

At the same time, there are options that will allow the user to attach any scripts that will be used depending on the stage. For instance, in the stage of debugging there’s an option that attaches debug scripts to the enemies!

Moreover, the Deployment details provides the user information about the location and formation when enemies are deployed. If the user does not assign a position for deployment there will  be a message that will pop up to ask them to do so. At the moment, there are two types of formation implemented: Circle and Rectangle.

Group Overview
Group Overview

4. Customizing Scripts

The tool will provide the user to have the ability to assign some of the values for the scripts being attached to the enemies. This way they don’t need to worry about changing any of the attached scripts one by one! So far this has only been implemented for the debug scripts, but once the AI behaviours and other scripts are finished, they will be added to the tool!

Customizing Attached Scripts
Customizing Attached Scripts

And that is all!! Here’s just a screenshot of enemies placeholders being created!!


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