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Void Terminal : Download

Hello everyone! this is a game prototype I made on the term fall but never got the chance to upload! But here it is! In order to play it properly you will need a GAMEPAD! Enjoy!! 🙂 DOWNLOAD HERE

Legend Of GDAP: PC and Android Download

Hello everyone, the day has finally come! We presented the Legend of Zelda clone today on our Mobile games class and it went really well!! We have been working on the game since the beginning of the term and it has been a…

Unity Tutorial: Implementing A Detection Camera

Hello everyone, for the time freeze prototype I decided to implement a detection camera that will potentially be used for Empyreum: Ascension. I decided that it would be a great idea to share the way I did it since I felt like there…

Armor, Weapon and Enemy Creators Complete!!

I have created three window tools that will be used during the development process of Empyreum Ascension : Armor, Weapon and Enemy Creators. Armor Creator Designers will have the ability to create any type of armor they desire for either enemies or playable…