Open World Prototype: Download Link

You can now download the Grand Theft Auto prototype I had been working on last week! I have to say that it was fun to make, though streaming was a bit tricky. I removed the streaming from this build because it lagged the game! but everything else is still the same 🙂


Enter Car    –   A   / Enter

Movement –  Joystick  / WASD

Punch  – X  / Left Mouse Button

Run – Y / Left Ctrl

Alright! Enjoy the ride 🙂


I got the 3D models from and turbosquid. Music is from GTA San Andreas!


2 thoughts on “Open World Prototype: Download Link

  1. This is really cool. Ended up getting punched to death by a random person.
    Apart from some minor bugs (mostly visual, though I encountered a building I could walk through), it looks pretty solid.

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