Enemy Creator: Coding Base and Debug Scripts

Today was a productive day indeed! I just finished working on some of the components that will be added to the enemies through the enemy creator! So far these are the scripts I have implemented:

Armor Data

This will be used to define armor details such as name and defense values that would provide to either enemies or characters in the game.

Weapon Data

This will be used to define the weapons that can be used by the player and enemies. It also contains the damage points properties which will be accessed when the enemy shoots the player.

Entity Data

This class will be used to define an entity. So far an entity will have an Armor Data and Weapon Data component besides a MaxHealthPoints value.


This component will be used specifically for Debug purposes so that it is possible to obtain visual feedback from the enemy. It will come in handy when testing each of the character’s abilities and weapons! Another feature that could be added to this script would be an Entity State, which would display the state of an entity through text in the screen. This would come in handy when testing the AI and state transitions.

If you would like to access the source code CLICK HERE

Here is a screenshot of the debug attached to dummy GameObjects:


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