Procedural Tree Generator in Unity: Scheme

As part of my final project for my Game Tools and Networking course I need to implement a Tree Generator that will add trees to a terrain. I will hopefully finish it before the end of this week! These are some of the properties that will be customized through the editor:

  • Number of trees to be generated
  • Tree Type. For now I will have an Oak and Maple tree.
  • Density of trees
  • Height of trees
  • Maximum number of branches
  • Maximum length of branches
  • Maximum width of branches
  • Leaf Texture

The script will be attached to a 3D terrain and will distribute the trees using the TerrainData. I will go over this once I start distributing the trees, for now I will begin researching how I can generate a tree and then I will refer to Random Scattering: Creating Realistic Landscapes as a reference. I will post an update once I have a tree generated!

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