Zelda Clone: Journal Update 3

After a successful presentation of our game as the midterm evaluation for our mobile course we have been working on adding some of the features that were not added such as 2 more enemies and destructible walls. The other two members of my team are taking care of the enemies while I took care of adding the destructible walls. At the same time, I have been changing a few things in the world such as moving/adding trees and adding  a path.

I found a couple of pretty good sprites from the Minish Cap game that I will be using for the game. These I obtained from the site http://www.zeldacapital.com/. The results from the generator were pretty sweet! However, I did find a few bugs here and there that deal with connecting doors with the correct destination. I will be working on this on the following week, but I have been able to work around the problem anyways.

I divided the world into 3 regions, and each region will have a dungeon that can be explored. I decided that it could also be cool if you could go into a different region from a dungeon so after defeating the boss in dungeon 2 you will be able to go to region 3! Moreover, the reason why I divided the world into pieces is because our game will feature “Streaming.” This means that when entering certain areas of the world then some areas might be “loaded” or “destroyed.” Streaming will help prevent framerate to drop and for the gameplay to be smooth through the entire game since our final world will be loaded with enemies and items!

I will talk more in detail about our plan on streaming but for now here are some images of the regions and dungeons:

Region 1 - Forest
Region 1 – Forest
Region 1 Dungeon
Region 1 Dungeon
Region 2 - Forest Continued
Region 2 – Forest Continued
Region 2 Dungeon
Region 2 Dungeon
Region 3 - Pine Field
Region 3 – Pine Field
Region 3 Dungeon
Region 3 Dungeon

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