Projects for 2015!

Hello everyone!

This week was the start of my second term in the game development course at Sheridan, and I can tell that it will be full of new challenges and I am really excited!

These are some of the projects that I know I will be working on so far:

– A network car race game, with a procedural generated track!

– A 2D multi-platform RPG game which I will be working on with a team on Unity 3D.

– I will also be developing an AI project in the Unreal Engine

The most important of all these, will be my Capstone project! For it, my team will create a third person game which will contain a time-slow feature which will allow for more strategic gameplay, and a switch character mechanic! Briefly, you will be able to switch which character you control and use their unique abilities in order to fulfil a mission. We will create a development blog which will focus on is, so I will post a link to it once we got something going! 🙂

At the same time, I want to continue with my mayan civilization idea that I proposed. I will try to work on it step by step but so far I have modeled most of the settings I will be using for a prototype. The next step will be to add textures, and then move the models into Zbrush to add more detail! This will also allow me to familiarize myself with Zbrush since I might be using it to create 3D assets for the Capstone project.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the San Andres Ruins which I will be using for the prototype:


San Andres_2

After I have added the detail I want to the models, I will be importing these into the Unreal Engine in order to create the terrain!

This is all I got for today, until next time! 🙂

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