Lots and lots of work

Hi guys!

These days have been loaded with a lot of work for school and my part-time job so I haven’t been able to post the last bit of my asteroids game in openGL :(. However, in this time I have been working on a few projects that I found fun to work on! I will be posting my progress through each one of these ASAP, but for now I will at least give you guys an idea of what each one of them is/was about (since I’m still working on a few of them).

1. Solar System simulation on Unity. For this one we created our own solar system in Unity, which was pretty awesome. The only tedious part about it was that I had to use matrices in order to give some of the planets their proper position around the sun. After some struggle I was able to get it up and running :).


2. Memory Game. For my data structures class I have created a memory game, with a space theme. I have been working on it during the weekend and is pretty much done. We are using cocos2dx, which is a c++ library that gives you elements that you will find useful in order to make 2d games. These games cannot only run on PC, but you can also make them for mobile platforms.memory

3. Unity game (SmashTV?). For my game engine class I will create a game similar to Robotron or SmashTV. For this I will be using multiple 3d models which I will get from maximo.com. If you have never heard of it and are interested on making 3d games, check it out! There’s a lot of free models that you can get there and you can also upload your own! Anyhoo, I will be working on it for the following week and we shall see how things turn out. For this, I will also use a space theme! haha!

Model from Mixamo’s Animation and Models collection

4. Last but not least, my 3d model of my medieval boat, which I haven’t touched in ages. I still need to touch a few parts of the boats and find some textures to add. Other than that I believe is pretty much done :D.

Alright! that’s about it! If you wonder why the space theme for all my projects, well I didn’t realize it until the other day. I guess I unconsciously like space a lot! haha!

Until the next post! Take it easy! 🙂

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