Multi-Component Vehicle Model : Sketches and Ideas

For our next assignment for my Modeling and Animation for Games class we will take the same theme for our scene and model a “multi-component” vehicle that reflects the theme. By multi-component, it means that it will be divided in different sections and hierarchies to be animated for our next project.

Since my city will be floating on an island on the sky, I didn’t think making a wheel vehicle would make any sense and I already had an idea of what I wanted to create for this model, an airship! But not any kind of airship, a “fish-like” airship!

I based my design on a couple of examples I saw online, where they show regular airships floating on the sky. Although many of these ships were attached to an air balloon which I didn’t want to include, so I thought my ship would have to be small and have multiple parts that would make it “keep afloat”.

When I first started sketching my design, this is what I had in mind of how it would look looking at it from the side:


Then I had to think about the other angles as well: Top, bottom, front and the wings!


Now that I have my ideas on paper, I will bring it into Maya and start modeling! I will be posting more on my progress later on! šŸ™‚ I am very excited to look at it when its finished, as well I can later use it as an asset for a game when working on Unity!

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